Sunday, March 10, 2013

Remove password protection for excel 2007/2010

If you have a password protected workbook, you can fix this when you forget your password.

Step 1:
            Backup your excel file

Step 2:
            Change the extension from .xlsx to .zip

Step 3:
            Open the zip file with 7-zip

Step 3:
            Goto the directory xl

Step 4:
            Open workbook.xml in edit mode with notepad

Step 5:
            Find tag <WorkbookProtection>

Step 6:
            Highlight tag <WorkbookProtection> to </WorkbookProtection> and delete.

Step 7:
            Save workbook.xml

Step 8:
            Update respository

Step 9:
            Change the .zip to .xlsx

Step 10:
            Open excel file and it is now unprotected.